Night Club

Expected to open in March 2020

The basement serves the Bar - music - drinks - nightlife space for all audiences who need more space and time to immerse themselves in a space separate from the surrounding world. have fallen asleep.

* Free space
* Complimentary drinks and meals are included


Pool capacity of 60 pax at the same time

Tours & Guide service

Experienced and enthusiastic tour guide, friendly, with in-depth knowledge about attractions.

* English language guide
* French HDV
* Vietnamese HDV
* Chinese HDV

Follow the tour itinerary From 500,000 - 1,500,000

Motorbike rental

Feel free to rent motorbikes of high quality and receive the dedicated - professional guidance of hotel staff when in need of travel, sightseeing and local exploration.

* High quality mountain bike: 100,000 / bike
* High quality 125cc automatic motorcycles: 150000 / motorbike

Transportation Service

High quality tourist car service, experienced, enthusiastic and friendly tourist driver.

  • 4 seater car
  • 7-seat-car
  • 16 seater car
  • 29 seats car

Follow the route and sightseeing itinerary.

Free newspaper, magazine

Free magazine counters for guests to use, consult tourist information and local tourism products and cuisines

Support tourism information

Providing free information system to support sightseeing, travel including maps, directions, information support, advice - design the program and itinerary for sightseeing, transportation, food, and care health.